6 Ks Narodeninovú Tortu Dekorácie Avengers Cake Decoration Plastové Spiderman Superhrdina Iron Man, Kapitán Amerika Dekorácie

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Q avengers tematické cake dekorácie

Plastové superhrdina Vysokej Iron Man, Kapitán Amerika predstavuje pre kameru

Veľkosť: cca 11 cm na výšku . style2 o 7 cm na výšku

  • vzor: Kreslený Obrázok
  • Názov Značky: Disney
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Súbor Typ: Áno
  • Príležitosti: Strana
  • Typ Veľkoobchod: No
  • Materiál: PE


Rogoza Elena | 2021-02-11

Poor quality, many defects. Quite large by cons, a little more than 8cm without the base. Nevertheless to make 1 Deco on 1 cake it will be enough. I'll put the most beautiful.

3 / 5

Nersisyan 1996 | 2021-02-11

Arrive in 1,5 month in lithuania. One of those eas demaged. Dont stay in plate

4 / 5

Aurodon 1993 | 2021-01-31

arrived in 3 weeks. was packed well. i really like it

5 / 5

Avinclav | 2021-01-27

What they advertise comes, though in the pictures they look much nicer. They are bad plastic, poorly painted and some do not fit well. Expensive for what it is! It would go out to 1 € the doll and they shouldn't cost more than 0' 50 €. I wouldn't buy them again, although I hope my son will be less critical when he sees them in the cake and likes them! They won't last more than two days in their hands.

3 / 5

Enigma1357 | 2021-01-11

magnifique je recommande

5 / 5

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