55 Povlaky na Prikrývku Deka vyplnené 1,5 kg 3 kg Premium Jar Jeseň Cumlík Deka posteľná bielizeň Filler46

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110x150cm : 1 KG

150x200cm: 2 KG

180x210cm: 2,5 KG

200X230cm: 3 KG

220X240cm: 3.5 KG



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Brendanyadigg | 2020-09-12

Ordered on Aug. 27 2020 and blanket arrived on Sept 10th, 2020, (15 days) that's pretty fast, the only thing is the blanket i got is larger then my initial order 180 x210, but i got (i think) 220x240 (some one wasn't paying attention). I think that material is made with some polyester and cotton and it was packed well in 2 plastic bags. The funny thing is... i got the huge box that was labelled by Amazon tapes which made me puzzled, I never ordered anything from Amazon, maybe they have Amazon warehouse where Ali placing their parcels in?!?!(go figure) Other then that Im happy with my purchase. Thanks to seller.

4 / 5

Makamaniac | 2021-01-07

first i was a little bit sad because i by it before christmas, but in times like thir. corona and also everybody sends present i think by myself i will wait. today hallelulja is here. it exceeds all my expectations. the quality is great and the material is super fluffy too

5 / 5

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